CLICKstep Training book series

Thanks to all of you who have enjoyed the CLICKstep training books, published by FTC Publishing, over the last 15+ years. As of December 31, 2013, FTC Publishing will no longer be pursuing new product development or doing any print publishing, and instead, will focus on projects for the new FTC Foundation.

These books were the most recent in the CLICKstep series. It’s possible that they will be converted to a digital format, so stay tuned!

Acrobat ProCLICKstep—Adobe Acrobat Pro X

Learn how interactive PDFs created in Adobe Acrobat Pro will change the way educators and students communicate and collaborate. Create interactive PDFs that include commenting and review capabilities, movies, sounds, links, actions and more. Learn to create interactive forms and compile the data sent back by users of the free Adobe Reader program. Enabling interactive PDFs for Reader will change the way educators do business, and this 130 page educator-friendly collection of training activities will show you how. Purchase at FTC Publishing.

CLICKstep—Adobe Photoshop Elements

Appropriate for versions 6-10 (version 4/5 is still available)

This teacher-friendly instruction for Photoshop Elements 6.0 includes techniques for easy digital photo editing—including color correction, filters, effects, layers, backgrounds, text effects, animation, and output to the printer or the Web. See why Photoshop Elements isn’t just about using a digital camera—it’s about using a truly creative classroom tool. The training material in this 160 page book is organized into fun step-by-step classroom appropriate activities with practice files included on the accompanying CD. Purchase at FTC Publishing.

Clickstep InDesignCLICKstep—Adobe InDesign

For CS6 (CS5 available, also CS3-CS4)

Learn the powerful desktop publishing features of Adobe InDesign with these teacher-tested step-by-step activities. Start with a basic orientation to the tools and move gradually into creating a four-page newsletter. Learn the tricks to creating master pages, tables, style sheets, and special effects using transparencies, text on curves, drop shadows, feathering and other new features. The activities in this 150 page book are appropriate whether you are new to desktop publishing or converting from PageMaker or other software. Practice files are included on the accompanying CD. Purchase at FTC Publishing.

Premiere ElementsCLICKstep—Adobe Premiere Elements

Appropriate for versions 7-10

This step-by-step instruction for Adobe Premiere Elements guides you through all aspects of creating movies, starting with a simple movie organized “storyboard fashion” on the Sceneline, and moving into using multiple video tracks in the Timeline. The activities will show you how to add soundtracks, narration, video effects, transitions, animated titles, and how to animate clips using keyframes. Learn to share the project by authoring a DVD, uploading to the Web, or saving to play on a computer. Practice files are included on the accompanying CD. Purchase at FTC Publishing.

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  1. Annette Giboo says:

    I saw Linda at the NETA conference. I am interested in her CLICK Step books on Adobe Photoshop Elements, and More Things Photoshop Elements Can Do. I was not able to purchase at the conference as I attended Lindas’ last program, and the booths had all closed down before it was over. Where can I find these books? I am leaving you my personal e-mail address as I have better access to that over the summer.
    Thank You!

    • ldickes says:

      Annette, sorry you missed getting the CLICKstep books at NETA. You can get them any time from FTC Publishing at You can order online or call their sales number (888) 237-6740.
      Let me know if you have any problems with the order.

    • ldickes says:

      Oh, I forgot in my other post…there isn’t a book for “More Things Photoshop Elements Can Do,” but click the link in the right sidebar above under “Presentations” called “I Didn’t Know Photoshop Elements Would Do That” to go to a page that links to video tutorials hosted on the Adobe Education Exchange. Have fun!

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